about us

home-first & homemade

EA Studio + Apothecary is a household venture that sprout off from the creative niches of our humble Dominican home. A deep desire for sustainability in both the economic and ecological aspects is our main drive. We are a family of five professionally delving in the fields of art, multimedia, interior design, herbalism, textiles, and a few other trades and pursuits.
Our name, EA, is an acronym for the words Eracra Atabey which mean "home" and "mother earth", respectively. These come from the language spoken by one of the primary native tribes that inhabited the Caribbean, long before the European Colonial era came to be, the Taino people.
The Taino were a relatively peaceful society with a rich culture and system of belief and principles deeply rooted in the spirit of nature and the common good of its people. Nowadays, remnants of that and other similar ancestral ways of life are resurfacing and subverting our understanding of our ethnic identity and the relationship between human and nature.
With this homage and remembrance to one of our ethnic ancestors we set off to invite the spirit of nature and goodwill into our homes, and to many others.